Critical Board of Supervisors Meeting Regarding The Dana Reserve Development Project

The Board of Supervisors meeting to take up the matter of the Dana Reserve will be Tuesday April 23 and Wednesday April 24. The SCAC encourages the community to attend and make you voice heard. This meeting is scheduled to be the final hearing and will have a significant impact on present and future growth for Nipomo! The meeting starts at 9:00 a.m. Public Comment is likely to begin at or around 1pm.

SCAC encourages the community to communicate with all Supervisors in this matter!

Mail or email a letter to the Board of Supervisors expressing your concerns and aspirations for this consequential project!

South County Response to the Dana Reserve Plan

The SCAC is a diverse and representative group of volunteers working to share information about important issues affecting Nipomo, California. The SCAC meets at 6:30 pm on the 4th Monday of each month in the Nipomo Community Services District building at 148 S Wilson in Nipomo. The minutes and agendas of our meetings are on this website.

The chair of the Council is Jerry Bridge.

Geographic Location

Nipomo is not incorporated as a city. It is a large rural area with some suburban development and a population of about 22,000. Nipomo is located in the southwestern and south coastal portion of San Luis Obispo County, California. The Nipomo inland south county planning area encompasses approximately 82,000 acres (128 square miles), and includes the Nipomo urban area, the four village areas of Black Lake, Palo Mesa, Los Berros, Callender-Garrett, as well as the South County rural area.

What does the SCAC do?

The SCAC is a group of local citizens elected by the community with the purpose of representing the community to the Board of Supervisors (BOS). The SCAC is an advisory council, but one without the authority to tax or enact ordinances. The SCAC lacks the capacity to implement many of its positions directly and seeks to accomplish those goals through county government. The SCAC provides the Nipomo community with a separate link to county government which supplements its 4th District representative. To Provide a voice for Nipomo and the South County Planning Area, the SCAC:

  • Holds public meetings
  • Surveys community opinion
  • Speaks for the community to the BOS
  • Acts as clearinghouse for local, state, and federal funding for community projects
  • Coordinates with community organizations and other local governmental bodies
  • Is authorized by statute to advise BOS on matters of public health, safety, welfare, public works, and planning

Note: The county may choose to use an AC as a planning advisory council to draft or revise the community's portion of the county general plan. They review land use proposals for their communities; conduct studies; and make recommendations concerning traffic, incorporation, street lighting, flooding and drainage, emergency services, commercial maintenance, disaster planning, public transit and others. ACs have sponsored the establishment of county service areas for parks, road maintenance, supplementary police services, etc. ACs develop from many different origins to serve widely different purposes.


Let us know what you are thinking. We welcome information, questions, comments and suggestions!